Wireless touchless Pick2Light

The new generation of wireless Pick2Light by FasThink is touchless! The new device seamlessly carried forward the wireless philosophy introduced by FasThink’s Pick2Light system and presents the new touchless innovation.

It is bound to be greeted with surprise and appreciation in the world of Manufacturing and Logistics, as it allows the operator to work without the use of objectification buttons.

With the new touchless version, material picking and confirmation take place simultaneously, without the need for the operator to press any buttons, and therefore with no contact with the control panel or the use of paper forms or palm devices.

Wireless Pick2Light is an innovative manual material picking system that uses light to guide the operator to the locations from which to collect material in a picking process.

Main characteristics

  • Optical touchless detection sensor
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • High-efficiency illuminated buttons
  • Battery life of up to 5 years
  • Battery life monitoring
  • Housing for industrial use
  • Easy configuration and installation
  • Coverage of an area of up to 90 m
  • Graphic e-Ink display


  • Touchless: no contact between operator and handset
  • Savings: zero cabling costs
  • No Error: zero errors in the kit preparation phase
  • Savings: zero downtime resulting from manual errors
  • Free: Hands-free operation
  • Fast: Simultaneous management of two or more operators
  • Savings: No training courses needed for new operators
  • Smart: Integration with MRP, ERP, MES, WMS systems


  • Lean manufacturing
  • Assembly lines
  • Supermarket areas
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics and intralogistics
  • Line set up
  • Operator call
  • Material call



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