Zero cabling costs, zero errors, zero delays, 100% EASY&FAST in automatic material restocking requests.

The e-Kanban Smart Sensor is a next-generation device patented by FasThink that manages information for replenishing stock in the warehouse, automatically communicating with the management system via an RF transceiver with LoRa technology and protocol. E-Kanban Smart Sensor allows information to travel a considerable distance, enabling very low consumption.

The design of the wireless e-Kanban Smart Sensor is similar to that of a limit switch for industrial use. Easily installed, the wireless system requires no complex and expensive wiring. It is easily mounted on the drop-down roller conveyors where the containers for picking up material stocks are located. The operation is very simple and efficient: each time an empty container is removed from the roller conveyor, the sensor detects its status and sends a request to the information system to replenish the missing material or, alternatively, to the operator in charge of replenishment or to the supplier.

Designed to optimise the supply management of production lines in view of Industry 4.0, e-Kanban Smart Sensor finds a natural and ideal application in the Automotive, Manufacturing, e/commerce and Logistics sectors.

To optimise the field integration of the e-Kanban Smart Sensor with existing IT systems, FasThink R&D developed the proprietary Connect Orchestrator platform, the Smart solution that communicates effectively with all WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) programmes, solving the critical ‘last mile’ issues.


  • Two-way wireless communication   
  • Standard LoRaWAN communication protocol
  • Up to 8 years of battery life  
  • Battery level monitoring 
  • Industrial housing  
  • Easy configuration and installation 
  • Coverage area up to 300 mt


  • Saving: zero wiring costs
  • Free: hands-free operation
  • Easy: easy configuration and integration
  • Saving: zero errors in the supply of materials
  • Saving: zero downtime due to manual errors
  • Smart: integration with MRP, ERP, MES, WMS systems


  • Lean manufacturing
  • Supermarket picking logic
  • Picking logistics
  • Material call-out
  • Operator call-out

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