No touching, no errors, no wiring costs, 100% EASY&FAST.

The new version of FasThink’s successful Pick2Light system is touchless. The new device is a continuation of the wireless philosophy introduced by FasThink’s Pick2Light system and features a touchless innovation that will surprise and impress in the world of manufacturing and logistics, as it allows the operator to operate without touching the pushbutton panel. 
We wish to remind you that Pick2Light wireless is an innovative system of manual picking that guides the operator, by means of a light signal, to the locations from which to pick the material in a picking process. With the new touchless version, material retrieval and picking validation occur simultaneously, without the operator having to press any button, therefore no touching of the pushbutton panel and no need for paper supports or hand-held devices.
The Pick2Light wireless touchless system is an incredible step towards the future of logistics, ensuring unmatched performance in warehouse picking and production kit assembly. Wireless communication also allows amazing flexibility, easy integration and zero wiring costs.
To optimize on-site integration of Pick2Light systems with existing IT systems, FasThink R&D has developed the Connect Orchestrator proprietary platform, the smart solution that integrates effectively with all WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) programs, solving critical “last mile” issues.


  • Touchless detection photocell
  • Two-way wireless communication
  • High efficiency illuminated buttons
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • Battery life monitoring
  • Industrial-grade housing
  • Easy configuration and installation
  • Coverage area up to 70 mt
  • High efficiency LED
  • Graphic e-ink display 


  • Touchless: no contact between operator and pushbutton panel
  • Saving: elimination of wiring costs
  • No Error: elimination of errors in the kit preparation process
  • Saving: elimination of downtime resulting from manual errors
  • Free: Hands-free operation
  • Fast: Simultaneous management of two or more operators
  • Smart: Integration with MRP, ERP, MES, WMS systems


  • Lean manufacturing
  • Assembly lines
  • Supermarket areas
  • Logistics and Intralogistics
  • Line set up
  • Operator call
  • Material call

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